Anderson’s Dark Night Bourbon Dark Barley Wine With BourbonEST15,3%0,33l9,90 €
Anderson’s Dark Night RumDark Barley Wine With RumEST15,3%0,33l9,90 €
Anderson's Duncan Wee Heavy EST 7,3%0,33l5,90 €
Anderson’s Get Oat Oatmeal Stout EST5,5%0,33l4,60 €
Anderson's The DevilDDH IPAEST 5,5%0,33l5,90 €
Käbliku Hordeum Vinum Barley Wine EST 11,1%0,33l 8,90 €
Käbliku El MosaicoAmerican Pale AleEST 5,6%0,44l 5,90 €
Lehe 0 IndiaLow Alcohol IPAEST <0,5%<0,5%4,00 €
Lehe Damage ReportMini DDH IPAEST 3,3%0,33l 4,10€
Lehe Huitzilopotchtli Imperial Stout EST 10,5%0,33l10,40 €
Lehe Harassment Barley Wine Barley Wine EST13,0%0,33l8,90 €
Lehe Mehu Kati NullLow Alcohol Beer With Passion Fruit And MangoEST<0,5%0,33l4,00 €
Lehe RavnodenstvieRussian Imperial StoutEST11,0%0,33l6,60 €
Lehe Sinner SantaSpiced Imperial StoutEST10,0%0,33l6,50 €
Lehe Vana Kalev Wild Turkey BBAImperial StoutEST13,5%0,33l8,90 €
Purtse Pale AlePale AleEST5,5%0,33l4,90 €
Purtse Vello KittyChristmas PorterEST7,5%0,33l5,90 €
Põhjala Belle Bulle Imperial Gose Brewed With Red Currants (Champagne And Sauternes BA)EST8,0%0,33l7,90 €
Põhjala Bänger Imperial Stout EST12,5%0,33l7,90 €
Põhjala Glen Noble (Cellar Series)Scotch Ale / Wee HeavyEST13,2%0,33l8,70 €
Põhjala LaagerLagerEST4,7%0,33l4,90 €
Põhjala Maplelicious (Cellar Series)Imperial Dark Ale EST11,5%0,33l8,70 €
Põhjala Peel and BeanRye Porter With Cocoa Nibs and Orange ZestEST8,5%0,33l6,60 €
Põhjala VärskeWet Hopped LagerEST5,0%0,33l5,90 €
Põhjala ÖöImperial Baltic PorterEST10,5%0,33l6,60 €
Pühaste Beans & BisquitsImperial Pastry StoutEST10,0%0,33l6,90 €
Pühaste DekadentsImperial Stout With Vanilla Pods and RaisinsEST11,2%0,33l6,90 €
Pühaste Imperial Extra Double StoutImperial StoutEST10,0%0,33l6,30 €
Pühaste KrattIPAEST6,0%0,33l5,60 €
Pühaste MuheDDH IPAEST5,5%0,33l5,40 €
Pühaste PillerkaarIPAEST6,5%0,33l4,90 €
Pühaste PõhjanaelImperial Baltic Rye PorterEST 9,3%0,33l6,20 €
Pühaste Sanctum: CocosRum Barrel Aged Imperial Stout With CoconutEST 13,7%0,33l10,90 €
Sori Anniversary Barley Wine 2018Barley WineEST 11,6 %0,33l9,80 €
Sori Anniversary Barley Wine 2019Barley Wine EST 11,2%0,33l 9,80 €
Sori Hardly Working India Style Lager EST4,7%0,33l4,40 €
Sori Laudatur XVIIIWhiskey Barrel Aged Ale BlendEST11,0%0,33l9,70 €
Sori Laudatur XIXWhiskey Barrel Aged Ale BlendEST 10,4%0,33l 9,70 €
Sori PolyphemusImperial Stout EST 11,0 %0,33l 6,90 €
Tanker Abstraction DDH Pale AleEST5,5%0,44l5,50 €
Tanker PincoAlcohol Free Beer With Pineapple And CoconutEST0,0%0,44l4,20 €
Tanker Red Rain Black Currant Sour EST7,0%0,375l7,50 €
Tanker Retro GamerCherry Berliner WeisseEST4,0%0,44l4,90 €
Tanker Sauna SessionAle Brewed With BirchEST4,7%0,44l4,90 €
Õllenaut Kaineken Low Alcohol EST0,03%0,33l4,00 €
Õllenaut LumelausujaStout - Foreign / ExportEST7,9%0,33l5,90 €
Õllenaut Must Eksport Baltic Porter EST 7,9%0,33l5,90 €
Õllenaut Rukki Eil Rye AleEST 5,3%0,33l4,80 €
Boon Kriek Mariage Parfait Lambic- FruitBEL 8,0%0,375l 9,20 €
Boon Oude Geuze Lambic-Geuze BEL7,0%0,375l9,20 €
Chimay BlancheAbbey TripelBEL8,0%0,33l6,60 €
Chimay BleueBelgian Strong AleBEL9,0%0,33l6,80 €
Chimay RougeAbbey DubbelBEL7,0%0,33l6,60 €
Delirium Tremens Belgian Strong AleBEL8,5%0,33l6,90 €
Delirium NocturnumBelgian Strong AleBEL8,5%0,33l6,90 €
DeuS Brut des FlandresBière de Champagne
BEL11,5%0,75l28,00 €
Kasteel DonkerBelgian Strong AleBEL11,0%0,33l6,60 €
Kasteel RougeFruitBEL8,0%0,33l6,50 €
Leffe BlondeBlonde AleBEL6,6%0,33l5,40 €
Lindemans CassisLambic - FruitBEL3,5%0,375l5,90 €
Lindemans FaroLambic - FaroBEL4,5%0,375l5,90 €
Lindemans KriekLambic - FruitBEL3,5%0,375l5,90 €
Lindemans AppleLambic - FruitBEL3,5%0,375l5,90 €
Oud Beersel Oude Kriek Lambic - FruitBEL6,0%0,375l9,60 €
Pauwel KwakBelgian Strong AleBEL8,4%0,33l5,90 €
St. Bernardus WitBelgian WitbeerBEL5,5%0,33l5,40 €
Struise Cuvee DelphineImperial Stout BEL13,0%0,33l9,50 €
Struise Rio Reserva Belgian QuadrupelBEL10,5%0,33l9,50 €
Bernard Celebration LagerLagerCZ5,0%0,5l5,40 €
Bernard Dark LagerDark LagerCZ5,0%0,5l5,40 €
Amager Buffalo BurlesqueImperial Stout DNK12,0%0,33l9,90 €
Amager The BoobrieWhiskey BA Double Mash Imperial StoutDNK12,0%0,33l9,60 €
Amager Double Black Mash 2019Imperial Stout DNK12,0%0,33l10,90 €
Amager Red Cup Wee Heavy DNK9,5%0,33l9,40 €
To ØL Formorkelse Multi Grain Stout DNK10,0%0,33l9,50 €
To Øl Goliat Imperial Coffee StoutImperial Stout DNK10,1%0,375l11,50 €
Becks Blue Alcohol Free LagerAlcohol Free LagerGER0,0%0,33l3,90 €
Weihenstephaner HefeweissbierHefeweizenGER5,4%0,5l5,90 €
Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier DunkelDunkelweizenGER5,3%0,5l5,90 €
Weihenstephaner VitusWeizenbockGER7,7%0,5l6,30 €
Sheperd Neame Bishops FingerBitterUK5,4%0,5l5,90 €
Borg Surtur Icelandic Stout Nr. 30Imperial StoutISL11,5%0,33l9,80 €
Brewfist La Leggenda Elijah Imperial Stout ITA12,0%0,33l12,50 €
Brewfist La Leggenda VictorImperial Stout ITA12,0%0,33l12,50 €
Brewfist Spaghetti Western Grappa BarrelImperial Stout ITA8,7%0,33l9,90 €
Lervig Konrads StoutImperial Stout NOR 10,4 %0,33l8,80 €
Gotlands Easy Rider BulldogLow Alcohol IPASWE0,4%0,33l4,20 €
Omnipollo Peacan Mud Cake Imperial Stout SWE 11,0 %0,33l10,90 €
Omnipollo Peacan Mud Cake Bourbon BAImperial Stout BASWE 12,9%0,33l 14,60 €
Yo-Ho Umami IPAIPA With Bonito FlakesJPN6,5%0,35l4,90 €