--- SNACKS ---

Pepper lard with rye bread chips3,00 €
Anchovy sandwiches3,50 €
Garlic bread3,50 €
Chilli and garlic pickled olives, croutons4,50 €
Jalapeños with Cheddar filling5,50 €
Fried marinated herring fillet with cottage cheese salad6,50 €
Cheese selection with croutons and pepper jam7,90 €
Baked pork ribs7,90 €
Antipasti – smoked ham, herring, salami Ventricina Piccante, marinated mushrooms, fresh cheese cream with herbs, dried tomatoes, pickles, marinated garlic, croutons8,90 €

--- SOUPS ---

Sauerkraut Borscht5,00 €
Fish soup5,40 €

--- STARTERS ---

Fried chicken liver with roasted garlic bread5,50 €
Grilled goat cheese with quinoa salad and sea buckthorn jam7,50 €
Beef tartare with marinated mushrooms, capers, chilli jam,raw egg yolk, and toast8,90 €

--- SALADS ---

Fresh vegetable salad (zucchini, carrot, white radish, onion, sugar snap peas, tomato, romaine lettuce, chilly, cilantro, mint, peanuts, lime sauce)5,90 €
Chicken salad (roast chicken, green salad, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, roasted peppers, light mayonnaise-olive sauce)6,50 €
Fresh vegetable salad with pork stew7,50 €
Warm vegetable salad with chickpeas and stone pine seeds8,50 €


Noodles with spicy penny bun broth, fresh vegetables and boiled egg9,00 €
Noodles with spicy penny bun broth, fresh vegetables pork stew and boiled egg11,50 €
Baked honey and mustard chicken fillet with potato mash, creamy mushroom sauce, steamed broccoli, and baked cherry tomatoes 9,90 €
Grilled pork chop with warm potato salad and beetroot sauce 12,00 €
Fried salmon fillet with cauliflower-tomato pie and Averna dressing12,90 €
Smoky duck fillet with lentils, cooked vegetables and rosemary dressing15,50 €
Filet mignon and zucchini pot roast with pea and parsnip purée, oven-baked carrots and blueberry dressing18,90 €

--- DESSERTS ---

Chocolate cherry cake with vanilla ice cream4,20 €
Kama-mousse on coffee sponge cake with lingonberry jam4,50 €
A choice of ice cream and sorbet (vanilla, chocolate,strawberry and pistachio ice creams; lemon sorbet)1,50 € /